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10 things to do in Dubai Dubai – the city of Gold that has a heart of Gold too! To define Dubai is difficult – and that is an understatement. Home to the tallest building, tallest hotel, biggest shopping mall in the world, longest graffiti scroll, largest firework display, largest […]

10 things to do in Dubai

Burj Dubai Burj Dubai or World’s tallest building architectural element or World’s tallest free-standing structure or World’s tallest structure or World’s tallest structure ever built they are all the same! Burj Dubai is located of course in Dubai United Arab of Emirates and more specifically in sheikh zayed road; the […]

Burj Dubai

Dubai the gold city Dubai is an incredible holiday destination that has so much to offer. From deserts, safaris, Arab cuisines, manmade marvels, huge wealthy hotels, theme parks to world famous shopping experience, Dubai makes a more than perfect destination for a great vacation. Below are some of the things […]

Dubai the gold city